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                               THE AUTO-LOCK DIFFERENCE


     We've all seen the TV commercials for the various broadhead manufacturers showing their broadheads penetrating everything from steel drums to cantaloupes and gel blocks and the angle shots on plywood. When they work, they work great and any one of them will do the job if properly placed in the kill zone.


The fixed blades, are for the most part more reliable and more sturdy. Any experienced archer knows that the drawback is the lack of field point accuracy, smaller wound channel, and the need for re-tuning or re-sighting your bow to make them field point accurate.


Mechanical or expandables have a definite wound size advantage for better blood trailing and quicker kills. Almost all of them obtain field point accuracy from the get go. Mechanical broadheads are definitely here to stay.


The main concern with hunters using expandables, is the dependability factor.

Do they stay closed on launching and in flight?   Will they open reliably on impact? 

Will they self destruct on impact with muscle and bone?   How much kinetic energy does it take to open the blades?


                                Here's the AUTO-LOCK DIFFERENCE:


                    THEY LOCK CLOSED AND LOCK OPEN!!


The AUTO-LOCK  is engineered to stay LOCKED CLOSED on launching and in flight! The blades lock under the ferrule and are held in place by a reliable stainless steel spring. (not a rubber band). The torque produced by a 390 FPS. crossbow will not cause the blades to open.


The AUTO-LOCK utilizes a spring to keep it closed instead of a rubber band or an intricate spider clip. It only takes .09 lbs. of kinetic energy to open it. (about the same amount of energy as a ballpoint pen). Some mechanical broadheads take 10 times that amount, taking away valuable penetration from your arrow.


The AUTO-LOCK is engineered to reliably LOCK OPEN on impact!  The blades have a notch that locks onto the pin in the ferrule that will not allow them to close up, or flop around, as long as there is forward motion on the arrow.


The AUTO-LOCK is made from the best materials we could find to make it able to withstand the demands required for reliable performance. The ferrule and piston is made from 7075 T-6 aluminum. Our blades are  .036, high end 420 stainless steel . The bone smashing tip is 17-4 PH stainless steel.


Every part on the AUTO-LOCK IS REPLACEABLE! Blade changes are a snap. ( even for guys with big sausage sized fingers), There is no watch sized screws. Every part is designed for simplicity.


The AUTO-LOCK is 100% MADE IN THE USA! All the materials and hardware are American Made. (we have mill certs for every part). All the machining is done right here in New England.


The AUTO-LOCK is designed by archery hunters, for archery hunters!


We've done our best. We hope you'll think so too.  Good Hunting,






THE AUTO-LOCK BROADHEAD CO LLC. Proudly created with

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