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We are archery hunters, just like you. We hunt during the season and dream about hunting the rest of the time. We plant food plots and monitor our trail cameras all year. We spend a good deal of time the rest of the year honing our archery skills and watching red neck hunting shows. We even allow some time for making a living.     ("you might be a red neck if", all of the above)


We are a family consisting of Mom and Dad and six sons. Everybody hunts except for Mom. (her job is to keep the rest of us in line, and cook what we bring home.)


Four of us are professional meat cutters. We also happen to process game animals during the season, about 300 deer, bear, moose, and carabou, every year sice 1977. Very few people get to see the various broadhead succeses and failures that we do. 


We listened to our deer customer's concerns about the reliability factor inherent in expandable broadheads. (the reason some hunters stick with fixed blades).

So, we decided to make a mechanical broadhead that would have the one feature that the others did not. DEPENDABILITY!


We started on a three year venture dealing with design, and local machine shops, material suppliers, and the patent office, to produce what we believe to be the most reliable, toughest, mechanical broadhead on the market.


We hope that you'll think so too.  Good Hunting!  


The Franco Family,   "The Buck Stops Here" Professional Wild Game Processing since 1977-            & THE AUTO-LOCK BROADHEAD CO.












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